Deregulation and Its Benefits

Still purchasing your natural gas from the utility? There is a good chance you are throwing away thousands of dollars each and every year.

Beginning in 2000, Florida’s deregulation of its natural gas industry essentially gave businesses the ability to choose who to purchase their natural gas from. No longer are they obligated to buy from a single supplier, the large utility. Opening up the industry to multiple suppliers has allowed business owners to capitalize on the savings that typically come with a competitive marketplace. With multiple providers also came different programs to choose from.

For seventeen years, Mirabito Natural Gas has saved thousands of businesses thousands of dollars. Our flexible programs are as varied as our customers, and our monthly reporting breaks down both usage and savings so that it is clear how much money each businesses is saving when they choose Mirabito Natural Gas.

Making the switch is easy! And we will help you and guide you every step of the way!

Your utility company continues to deliver gas to you over their existing network of pipes, in addition to servicing your equipment as needed, and responding to emergencies. They built the network and do a great job maintaining and managing it.  Mirabito Natural Gas simply procures your natural gas from the commodities markets at more competitive pricing, and passes those savings onto you.

Want to see how much you can save with Mirabito? Check out our savings calculator!


– 4 Star South Beach Hotel

“Mirabito Gas has been most helpful and knowledgeable in all areas of service relating to the natural gas supply to our hotel. In addition to directing us to a more cost effective service, we specifically appreciate their personal attention and assistance to our account. They are very reliable with their follow up and follow through.”

- Major National Restaurant Chain

“Mirabito has significantly reduced my restaurant chain’s natural gas expenses. They have provided me with financial gain and peace of mind in knowing that my restaurants are managing their natural gas expenses as efficiently as possible. I would highly recommend Mirabito Gas to any company.”

- Exclusive Condominium Property

“Mirabito Gas provides us with a regular savings analysis that gives us an accurate report of our savings. We use these reports at budget time. Their customer service is professional, prompt and courteous.”

- 5 Star Restaurant

“I would like to commend Mirabito on helping our company manage our natural gas expenses. Their personal care and going the extra mile for their customers makes them one of the real pros in the business.”

- Florida Assisted Living Facility Chain

“In the years that Mirabito Gas has been supplying our natural gas, the results have been astonishing. They have saved our company thousands of dollars and given us cost comparisons to back up their promises of savings.”